Family Based Green Card Practice of Ryvin Wallace Group

Spouses of US Citizens. The family-based immigration practice of Ryvin Wallace Group helps obtain green cards for spouses of US citizens. Whether applying for adjustment of status in the United States, or applying for an immigrant visa at a US consulate abroad, we understand the importance of communication in this time of transition. Ryvin Wallace Group employs a hands-on approach to help our clients successfully navigate the process.

We are also able to extend advice and develop strategies for people who need to later become divorced, need to file with USCIS to remove the conditions on residence, or even have problems so personal that filing a battered spouse petition for emotional, mental or physical abuse is necessary.

Family Members Filing for Green Cards. Ryvin Wallace Group helps with routine green card filings for parents of US citizens, children of US lawful permanent residents, foreign stepchildren of US citizens, and other categories to obtain green cards as relatives of a US citizen or resident.

National/International Reach of our Family-Based Immigration Practice. Notably, the federal practice of immigration law allows Ryvin Wallace Group to represent people in any US state or residing in any country in the world. We know well the nuances of choosing filing methods and location, depending on where the foreign national lives, or where he/she wishes to be. Further, our work can be done quickly to help a foreign national who is currently in the US or has to be in the US in the shortest time frame possible.

Citizenship is Not the Same as a Green Card. US Citizenship is obtained via separate filing with USCIS only after a green card holder has been in the US as a lawful permanent resident for a certain period of time.

Personal Experience. Our Partner, Michael, has taken part in the family based immigration process personally, having successfully acted as attorney and petitioner for his own spouse.

How to Prepare for a Green Card Interview:

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