Live Webinar: Immigration Compliance for Small Business: I-9s Compliance, Fines, Advice & Noting E-Verify’s Limitations

In the current legal environment, you need to understand your responsibilities when hiring new employees and contractors. Mistakes can result in fines and other penalties. Do you know how to comply with I-9s and E-Verify? What are the odds you will be fined and how are those fines calculated? Join this webinar where you will learn:

► How to complete the Form I-9 properly

► The difference between technical and substantive errors

► Which penalties can result from a government audit.

► How likely are you to be fined and how fines are calculated

► A shorthand way to assess risk/quantity of penalties for technical and/or substantive violations

► How to bring down or eliminate the possibility of fines before your site is visited.

► Which federal contractors and subcontractors must use E-Verify and the problems that can ensue from its use.


Date/Time: Wed., March 2, at noon ET

Presenter: Christina Lang Wallace, Attorney at Law, Partner of Ryvin Wallace Group

Duration: 60 minutes

Who Should Attend: Business owners and employees interested in making sure they follow immigration compliance requirements

Click here to register for the FREE live Webinar on Wed., March 2, at noon ET.

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