NAFTA TN Management Consultant application approved after prior refusals!

We are pleased to relate that US CBP [Customs and Border Protection] just approved a complex TN management consultant application for a client at the Peace Bridge port-of-entry!

This was a complicated case which came to us after CBP had previously refused the applicant entry as a business visitor [no legal representation] and then refused him again a week later as a TN mangement consultant [application prepared by another attorney].

We worked closely with corporate counsel and the applicant to understand and document the business need for the consulting services [which actually went back several years] and the applicant’s unique qualifications for the job. 

We presented a thorough application which addressed the prior refusals head-on, explained company operations and management structure, and carefully outlined the applicant’s previous and proposed consulting services, breaking it down into phases.  

We also called on our one of our local colleagues with over 25 years of border expertise to co-counsel and accompany the applicant to the port-of-entry.  Truly a great result for us and the clients based on preparation and teamwork! 

Please find addtional information about TN Mangement Consultants below and do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Ryvin Wallace Group with any questions about your case.

TN Management Consultant
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