AILA Liaison Practice Pointer: VSC: Preferred Order of Documents for Submission of Form I-129 Petitions

The Vermont Service Center has confirmed to AILA Liaison that its preferred order of Form I-129 petition and supporting documents at the time of submission is as follows:

1. Fee(s) – staple to first page
2. I-907 Request for Premium Processing Service (if filing as Premium Processing)
3. Form G-28
4. Form I-129 petition pages 1- 6 (and 7 if submitted)
5. Classification or Free Trade Supplement page
6. H-1B Data Collection and Filing Fee Exemption Supplement, if applicable
7. Form I-129 Addendums/Attachments
8. Labor Condition Application or application for temporary labor certification, if applicable
9. SEVIS form, if applicable
10. I-94 copies, passport pages, I-797 approval notices
11. Attorney letter
12. Company letter
13. Documents related to the beneficiary’s qualifications
14. Other supporting documents
15. I-129 Duplicate Copy and supporting documentation

By submitting the documents in the preferred order, practitioners may help facilitate faster administrative processing of cases through the VSC intake process.

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