Law Firm Communications

Law Office of Michael Ryvin takes pride in its communications. The natural attitude of each of our attorneys and staff is that of genuine concern and helpfulness. This is conveyed on many levels at many junctures and ultimately is beneficial to both the companies and individuals we represent.

Most communications are done by email, although telephone calls are common. We are flexible in our approach and have a good understanding of the various personalities requiring differences in communication levels and styles. We always send emails at every important juncture in case including, but not limited to:  initiation, which includes introduction, outline of case, logistics steps, timing, and cost; information requests; confirmation of information received; case signature by the company and/or employee; filing and what is expected during pendency; follow-up at term of normal processing times; approval per any online or hard copy notification; transfer of hard copy approvals with instructions for use and databasing future projects.